Make Your Computer Cleaning A Routine!


Dirty residues on monitor screen, finger prints, dust on keyboard, food residues near computer; all these makes your work environment a messy and unhygienic place. So it is very important that you make your computer cleaning a routine task to ensure your work place as well as your computer stays clean. But you need to also make sure you use safety measures and precautions while cleaning a computer as it is delicate. Use soft wipes to clean the monitor screen and use a cleaning agent meant for it which you can buy from a computer accessory store. It ensures no scratch while cleaning and effectively removes dirt and stains from the screen and gets you back that amazing viewing clarity.

For cleaning your keyboard you can use a computer vacuum cleaner that helps you effectively remove the dust in between the keys. You can use the cleaner to remove dust from inside the CPU too. Make sure not to use your home vacuum cleaner as it’s suction power is more and can damage delicate components of your computer system. One thing you must remember before computer cleaning is to power off and remove the power cables from the socket to avoid any risks of shocks or short circuit.
While cleaning your computer make sure you do not apply pressure on the surface of monitor or any other components as they are very delicate. It is also important that you keep the surrounding area of computer clean from any water or juice spills, food particles, bits of paper, etc. Food residues may attract rats and rodents that can hamper the power cables and other wires of computer. So make it a habit to clean your computer desk everyday both in your home and your office, and make your work place look pleasant and stress free.

NEC 4K Projector

NEC is one of those companies that puts great emphasis on the dissemination of 4K standard. They have already 24-inch EA244UHD screen to hit the market soon enough, large format monitors have been announced, and soon also PH1201QL projector will appear in the portfolio of the Japanese manufacturer. What he will be able to boast about?

NEC PH1201QL is a laser projector, equipped with the 3-chip DLP technology. Its main feature is the image handling of very high resolutions, namely 4K – 4096 by 2160 pixels. Hybrid light source with a blue laser guarantees a brightness of up to 12 000 ANSI lumens and a lifetime of 20 000 hours, which is a very high number that every customer should be happy with – it’s not lower than average, while not being extremely high – this allowed to keep the price down.

The latest NEC projector is also equipped with an HDMI connector and a DisplayPort, as well as various compatibility options with Slot-In PC (OPS) computer module, which was recently introduced in the technology world, and the possibility of networking. Therefore, connecting the source of your content, like a laptop or media center of sorts, should not be a problem.

While there are still many of additional words to be added by the manufacturer, such specification strongly suggests that it is rather a device that has been designed with professional use in mind. We should also not expect a really low price, but my guess it should be affordable by anyone who will be dedicated enough to buy it. Concerning the release date, we only know that the premiere of NEC PH1201QL projector will be held in November this year. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hand on one of these and enjoy some magnificent 4K video content in a special room that I’ve designed only for those in mind. For news like that you could visit my friend’s site, Go NEC!


Best games for iphone

iPhone-5-game developer

An Iphone is not only a device for calling and sending text messages, but for Best games for iphone too. A good game is that one that has different challenge levels, good graphics easy to play and few instructions.

Super hexagon. It consists of geometric shapes that continuously flow to the center. Ones task is just to dodge them, failure to which you will die. It’s a simple game but full of fun

Real racing 3. This game is slightly different from asphat 8 as this game has real simulation. This has made it to have stunning graphics and the controls are just superb. real racing 3 has incorporated multiplayer that allows more than one player to play the game at the same time. This is probably the best racing game of all times.

Asphalt 8. It’s a racing game that consists of cute cars that flow in high speeds drifting smoothly through city courses. It has high quality graphics and allows one to perform stunts that wouldn’t be acceptable in real life racing.

Pitfall. This came is more or less similar to temple run in android platform. It’s an endless game where one has to maneuver the character through hazards such as fire, rolling logs, rattlesnakes etc that can be avoided by swinging on vines, jumping, or running faster.

Angry birds star wars 2. It’s a puzzle game where players have to destroy targets either in the bird side or pork side. It consists of more than 30 characters. Unlike other angry bird games, one can call for a specific pig or bird, thus the selection is not per-determined.

Knightmare tower. This is a good game for those who like doodle jumping. Its allows one to even tilt his Iphone towards the left to move to the left and towards the right to move to the right. Skill is essential here, as the better one attacks, the swifter one flies.

Game Hacks for Computer Games?

Game Hacks

Many video and computer games are cheat-proof. Upon their release in most cases, they do not have provisions for cheating therefore making cheating quite a daunting task especially for people who are not well versed with computer programming languages. However it’s not all that hard for computer geeks who know how to work magic with the game codes. With those codes they are able to tweak it to suit them to create hacks. For those of us are not well endowed with the hacking knowledge, we have to rely on their prowess to come up with the cheats for our use.

The good news is that there are many variations of hacks out there. Game hacks for example have provisions for the game players to make changes to the character they are using in order to make the character more invincible. Other hacks have provisions for changing some aspects of the game. What you need to bear in mind is that there are some instances where you are required run a parallel program alongside the hack in order to activate it. Running the parallel program alongside the hack has one major implication. It may alter the codes of that particular game and become permanent in that whenever you load the game, the hack also runs as well.

Hack codes are in most cases hosted by many websites in order to enable you to cheat. They can therefore be easily downloaded form such websites. However is apparent to bear in mind that downloading such comes along with its own risk in that some are viruses which have been disguised in form of codes. Therefore if you really want to download them make a point of doing thorough research over the internet. You can do this by reading various user reviews from different website to get a clearer picture of the legitimacy of the software.

SD Card For 4K Recordings

Wilk Elektronik has recently introduced Exceria PRO memory card UHS II by Toshiba on Polish SD card market. They have been designed for professionals, performing serial pictures and recording video in the newest 4K quality standard, which is becoming more and more popular with every passing day.

According to the latest forecasts, dynamic development of devices that support 4K resolution coming soon is expected, and that should increase the demand for fast and efficient storage media by heavy margin. A significant increase in performance compared to the older tech solutions allows the user to take advantage of the latest cameras, camcorders and advanced mobile devices, who already support 4K recording – two examples of that are newest Samsung flagships, namely Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5.

Toshiba cards Exceria PRO UHS II are available in capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB, and thanks to the new controller, compatible with the UHS II standard, these models achieve read speeds up to 260 MB/s and for writing, up to 240 MB/s.

Cards are valued at 325 PLN (Polish Zloty) for the 16 GB version and 577 zloty for the 32 GB one, that’s respectively around 110 dollars and 180 dollars. The warranty for announced cards lasts 5 years. Soon, the manufacturer’s offer should be extended by another memory card interface compliant with UHS II and higher.

In my opinion, expanding the market for such niche products will be vital to increase the company’s profits by an even higher margin, as developing countries have proven in the past to be excellent purchasers for such devices. Good, affordable SD memory cards are nowadays essential in the technology world, and even though many of current flagship smartphones possess no such slot, cameras and laptops are still a thing. All in all, Toshiba has made the right decision and I’m happy to hear about it.

New Mobile NVidia GPU

As a technology portal, we often talk about various hardware, like graphics cards and processors designed just for desktops, but sometimes it is also worth a look at the mobile sector and news that feature mainly notebooks. NVIDIA GTX 800 GPUs series for laptops is no longer a new phenomenon, but information about the next model of having to join NVIDIA’s mobile offer emerged on the Internet – this refers to the mysterious GTX 870MX system, which is supposed to appear in a notebook from ASUS first. As you probably know, we were able purchase a notebook with a GPU codenamed GTX 870M for some time already, but that model uses the “old” GK104 Kepler core.

Which core will the new GTX 870MX use? Some say that it will be a 28-nanometer Maxwell, although at the moment it is difficult to check the information in this regard. Some people also say that the GTX 870MX is a refreshed GTX 870M, though it’s very hard for us to support this theory because of the very young age of the current model.

According to news from the Net, GTX 870MX and GTX 880MX systems were to be created in the 20-nanometer manufacturing process, however, the TSMC problems resulted in a change of strategy and Maxwell architecture transfer to the current lithography. Another argument in favor of Maxwell is a renumber of the notebook, which, for this manufacturer, can clearly indicate the refresh model. We look forward to developments and Maxwell’s debut in the higher and more efficient runs, as laptop performance is still, at most, subpar to what our current custom-built computers can achieve with half of investment. If we were to see improved mobile graphic processing units, the All-In-One PC market would also profit from this, main example being iMacs from Apple, who at the moment use the 680M GPUs.

What Is The Minecraft For Free Version?


If you are one of them who always remain crazy for fantastic games then the free Minecraft game is for you. You may have played a wide verities of computer games but this game has especially a magical power to keep seated in front of your PC for hours, days and mores. Basically Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can virtually do whatever you want. Obviously saying, you will soon get addicted to the game after peeping once.

Minecraft is a simple game with no impressive graphics. You can easily play the game downloading on your PC or on the online server. One requirement to run this game on PC is that you have JAVA installed on your PC. You can start with the single player mode where you have the option to choose any of the following modes: Survival, Hardcore and Creative. You have another option to play the game with friends on the multiplayer servers. Here you will find some more exciting and thrilling modes and steps.

As a beginner, you can start the game with the single player survival mode. Think of a thrilled moment of passing a night against fearful monsters when you have no necessary materials to survive yourself. This is not the end. Then you have to explore awful jungles, caves, mountains, detached terrain with no companion. You have to collect worst and rarest materials to build up your weapons to face your enemies.

When you are successful in your survival mode then you can move forward to the hardcore mode. Here you have to start a new game after your death. It is all like as the survival mode but a little bit harder. The creative mode is for experienced gamers who like to face realistic surroundings and resources. In this mode you have the opportunity to fly and subsequently express your creativity. Playing this gameonline is much more amazing as you can show your creativity to the millions of gamers around the world. There are a lot of online servers around you to start right now!


The Simplicity Of The Clash Of Clans Astuce

The simplicity of the clash of clans remains an interesting thing to know about the game. This is an attribute of the goal of the game. The clash of clans astuce comes with a goal to free powerful warriors. It is a powerful fighting game that requires players to build a clan. This clan is given a maximum support through top-notch defense. The simplicity of the game is also based on its accessibility. Research has made it clear that the game can now be accessible all over the world. This simply means that there are several players playing the game on a daily basis. The simplicity of the game can as well be noticed on multiple devices where the console can be played. As mentioned before, the game can be played by everybody. This means that there is no limit to the age of people who can play the game. This factor makes the game a great console that brings maximum enjoyment and fun. Do you know that the game is also cascaded on getting power from other players? Players will be expected to build a successful clan on the newly published clash of clans.


Nevertheless, the great features of the game will also make things simple for players while playing. In case players notice that other people are acting as enemy, there is every possibility to fight them. The game is all about security and total defense in an environment of enemies. The clash of clans remains a fun and free game that delivers with care. If you are pondering on playing a free game that brings fun, clash of clans remain your number one option. It is simple to play and comes with great upgraded features that count. You can play the game from any part of the world.

The best and popular 15 IOS 7 apps forever

IOS 7 apps

It is very important for you to keep your IOS 7 device safe from the snooping eyes and one of the simplest ways to keep your device safe is to turn on the PIN lock. Many of the hackers have bypass IOS 7 activation lock and the hackers say that they have discovered a way to take over the connections between the locked and the lost iPhone. Before you think of securing your device, you have to be aware of the popular IOS 7 apps, here am going to provide you the source, which will explain you about the IOS 7 apps.

  1. Facebook- this is very quick with the IOS 7 updates, particularly the navigation bar for accessing the messages, friends request and the updates have moved to the screen bottom and the slide out menu is eliminated.
  2. Shazam- this is the music identifier app and gives a new look to fit the IOS 7. This new feature includes the things like remainder of the last track and the improvements to the social sharing features. This will allow you to tag friends and the locations.
  3. Kindle -this Amazon’s Kindle is a marketplace and reader app, which keep a dark and the somber tone and this bucks the trend of IOS 7, which push for the pastels.
  4. TED -this app is updated to match up to the flat design aesthetic, and to accompany the visual designs tweaks with the functional improvements.
  5. Pandora- this is the popular music service and updated its app with iPad interface inheriting characters from the version of iPhone. This improvement includes the ability to add variety to the stations list and the lyrics display on the large screen.
  6. Yahoo weather- this is characterized for its amazing design in the Apple Design Awards 2013, this Yahoo weather prolongs to impress with IOS 7 redesign and maintaining the same amazing visuals.
  7. Vimeo- this is the redesigned video sharing app which looks very good also hides some of the interesting functional changes. Vimeo is really amazing with it features it will allow you to watch your videos in Watch Later and on My Videos list even when you are offline.
  8. Reader 2- this is the Google reader and it is alternative for the IOS. This is very elegant and functional app and this will let you blaze through your RSS feeds without any efforts on your mobile devices.
  9. Open table- this is the restaurant reservation app with the airier view and brighten up the interface of the screen. In this app the search and the filtering features are improved and will allow you to search by cuisine or the address and this will help you to find what exactly you need.
  10. Sky guide- user can interface tweaks that include the transparency in the supported devices, parallax and the dynamic category for the custom font sizes.
  11. The Huffington post- this is the popular online news aggregator and the blog community updated for IOS 7 with 5.0 version and this has certainly improved the experience by expanding when the content is viewed.
  12. Pocket casts- this is one of the popular and favorite mobile pod catchers, which will make best podcast apps roundup.
  13. Around me- this app is featured to support the dynamic type, and letting it to confirm the better to your display preferences and the visual settings.
  14. Evernote- this has undergone complete renovation in the transition to the IOS 7.
  15. Snap guide- this will allow you to view the thousands of the users photos created in a systematic process and receives the updates that improves many of the core features of the apps.

These methods also work extremely well with stuff like the Asphalt 8 Hack!

How To Get A Free Iphone 6

Free Iphone 6

The iPhone 6 is in high demand and is known as one of the most top rated phones aiming to offer each consumer the things they look for in a phone. The iPhone 6 offers a fast processor, bigger screen and more storage for pictures, music etc. The iPhone 6 can also control televisions, cars, and even home security systems. While the price of the iPhone 6 isn’t handsome any in way, there are a few ways to get your phone for free.

Currently, there are a few major phone service companies offering consumers free iPhone 6 with a 1 or 2 year contract. Before jumping into any contract you will need to make sure you understand their terms of service. Most phone companies will allow you to break your contract early, but for a fee allowing you full access to use your phone on any network. Other companies may require you to stay on their service for a least half the term before you’re allowed to pay a fee to shut off services.

Another great way to get a free iPhone 6 is by entering contests. These contests are found on social media websites, survey websites and more. Depending on the contest you take part in, may require you to enter your name and email address, answer a few questions involving certain events and so on. You may even run into some websites that require you to complete an offer or two before receiving your phone. These websites aren’t recommended as most of the offers come with monthly fees which, usually, aren’t mentioned in their fine print. Please be aware that many of those contests are scams so make sure the contests are legit.

There is nothing like getting your hands on a free iPhone 6 especially if you are able to choose which service you want at any time.