For the Best Skype IP Resolver


If you have been using Skype software for many years, then you would have probably affected by the spam messages and some Internet abuses. Unknown Skype users are able to spam you because they are able to easily find out your Skype nickname, your IP address or any other similar details. The Skype is programmed in such a way that it makes your Internet details easily exposed to other people. If your computer has Skype installed and it is connected to the Internet, then it is possible for other people or Skype users to find out your IP address and related Skype details.

There is a software called IP resolver that easily helps anyone to obtain the IP address of other Skype users. The only way to prevent being a victim of DDOSing without removing the Skype from your computer is patching the Skype software. You can download any of the popular proxy software on your computer and change some of the scripts of the Skype program. Proxy software is software that does not know your real IP address. When you have installed the proxy software, Skype is connected to the proxy software rather than directly to the ISP.

The proxy software changes the IP address, which does not reveal your IP address and related details. To know whether the proxy software has changed your IP address, you need to check the IP address of your computer before and after enabling the proxy software.

You do not need to abort your Skype usage simply because of the spam issue. There are permanent fixes to prevent being the victim of DDOS. If you have been looking for a dependable Skype IP resolver, then you may check here. This is one of the websites that has been doing a wonderful job for those, who have been victimized by the spam through Skype software. This website provides a lot of information to make your Skype experience more pleasant.