Guide To Saving YouTube Videos On iPhone

YouTube Videos On iPhone

Whether you are looking for Thanksgiving recipes or you are searching for previous episodes of your favorite sitcom, YouTube is one of the most visited websites. If you are spending time in front of the desktop and waiting for the videos to stream, why not download youtube music mp3 on your phone? You can look up videos for downloading content on your Apple phone at

Every viewer desires to download audio from YouTube and Softorino easy-to-use application comes as a relief for several Apple users. It has the superpower to convert YouTube videos into audio files, and they will be transferred directly to your iPhone.

For offline viewing, you can download YouTube converter application and enjoy unlimited viewing of content while you are on the go. Here are the three steps that you should follow.

Step 1: Install Video Converter
This YouTube Converter software lets you download mps3 and mp4 music to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. This is a legitimate software and boasts of features like:

Just when you want to watch your favorite song on screen, you are interrupted by a message that says ‘wait for 5 sec’ or ‘click here to skip the ad.’ This endless waiting takes the fun from watching and leaves you feeling irritable. Download Softorino YouTube Converter and watch movies or content without the intervention of commercials.
Offline Playback: With the help of this software, you can download videos offline and watch them on your smartphone at your convenience without interruption or break.
Given the intricate nature of Apple products, downloading music or videos to your iPhone just got simpler. Connect your phone to the system, and you can transfer the content directly to the iOS device. For instance, if you have downloaded your favorite cat videos, they will be stored in native Video app, while the latest Justin Bieber audio can be played directly from the native music app. This software is compatible with Windows and MAC. You can avail the free 24-hour trial period and convert mp3 for an Apple device. You can download videos from other websites. The software is not limited to YouTube videos, and you can download content from Daily Motion, Vimeo, Facebook and other trusted sources.
You can set the audio as a ringtone. If you enjoyed listening to the Happy song by Pharrell William, you could set the trimmed audio as your ringtone.

Step 2: How it works
Before you download videos, make sure you connect your Apple device to the desktop using a USB cable. Look for the URL of the content in the search Bar, and select the quality and type of device to download the video. Click on the download button and the rest is taken care by YouTube converter.

Step 3: Enjoy the audio
After you finish downloading music, sit back and listen to the songs while in offline mode.

Money Matters
For a lifetime license, YouTube Converter costs approximately $20. There is a free trial period, and there are no additional expenses if you download YouTube videos to your iPhone during the trial period.