What Are Chimnea And Their Advantages?


Anyone, who is looking for a beautiful outdoor place, can seriously consider buying a Chimneas. This is nothing but a beautiful terracotta fireplace that is found for sale at marketplaces, patio stores and various tourist spots in Mexico. You can know more about this fireplace at Mexicaanse tuinkachel blog of Godu. Some people use chimneas for aesthetic purpose, while many people use it for functional purpose. Chimneas have been in the use since centuries and they are not the usual firepit. You can find out more about the difference between the chimnea and firepit on the Internet.

History Of Chimnea

The origin of chimneas dates back to 16th or 17th century, when Mexican chefs used them as cooking vessels and fireplace. The traditional chimnea is crafted of clay and they have wide-bottom that is similar to a vase. The chimneas are designed in such a way that they can be used in the rainy outdoors and the waters will not extinguish the fire.

Chimnea is very similar to the potbelly stove, which is usually constructed of cast-iron. You can find similar kind of stove called Kotao, which is was prevalent in Eastern Europe.

You can add aromatic woods like hickory, cedar, and pinon to the chimnea, which will blow out aromatic smoke. Chimneas can attain full burn in 15 minutes after igniting and they can give huge amount of heat. The fire in the Chimnea can be managed like most other outdoor fireplace or firepit.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Chimnea

Do not simply buy a chimnea because it looks so beautiful and lively. You have to do some research before going for a shopping. There are some important factors, which you need to consider when buying the chimnea.

Shape: The shape plays a huge role in deciding the functionality of the chimnea. A wide base with the narrow head will be able to hold the fire for long and effectively blow out the smoke.

Materials: Though terracotta and clay are the common choices of traditional chimnea, you can also find these outdoor places being made of cast iron, copper, steel or cast aluminum.

Price: The price of the chimneas depend on various factors such as material, size and craftsmanship

Make sure that your outdoor area has ample space for placing the chimnea without any problem. If you live in a country, where usage of wood-burning fireplaces, then you can buy a one that uses liquid propane.

Placing The Chimnea

You can place the chimnea in the courtyard, patio, deck, etc. The chimneas are better to be placed over the surfaces that are made of brick or concrete or any other natural stone. It is necessary to ensure that chimnea is kept away from any objects that easily catch fire.

The traditional-type chimnea that is made of clay requires regular maintenance. You have to apply the acrylic coating to prevent or minimize the chance of cracking. You can use a cover to keep the chimnea protected from weather and elements, when they are not in use. You can check the Internet to find an amazing range of chimnea for sale.