Excellent Guide To Create Table Using Microsoft Word

creating tables

There are many benefits of using Microsoft Word, but many people are using the Microsoft Word only for typing some words. One of the most important features of the Microsoft Word is the table format. Usually, almost everyone used to create a table format using Microsoft Excel and then copy and paste the table format into word. Creating tables in MS Word is very easy and efficient method than using the Excel. Many graphical options are also available in word table which will add additional attraction to the table file. You can find more interesting details regarding MS Office applications and their review details at http://www.pcauthority.com/. The following are the methods on how to create a table using Microsoft Word.

Creating a Table

Microsoft is regularly updating their MS Office applications as per the demand of the modern technology. Even Microsoft Word also has gone through many changes recent years. Also in addition to the options mentioned above, you can convert the working file to a table format. You have to first open a new file under the menu Home->New and then keep the cursor wherever you need to create the table


Once you have selected the correct place in the document to open the table, then go to Insert tab and enter Table option. You will get the menu where you can find all types of table options available in the word file. The first choice will be your normal grid design. You can quickly select any numbers of grids just by clicking it on a mouse. The table will be created as per your wish, and it will automatically show the Table Tools options where you can create some predefined layouts.

Graphical Grid

You could create a table selecting the graphical design option then first go to Insert then Tables and click the Insert Table option. You will get a separate box where you can type the amount of rows and columns required by you in the table. You can even select the size of the table box as well.

Draw Table

You could to create a table from the Draw Table option, then go to Insert then Table then Insert and then go to the option Draw Table. The Draw Table will change into Pencil so that you can do the changes. Using this pencil, you can easily draw a table format as per your requirements.

Excel Spreadsheet

To create a table under this option first goes to Insert then Tables and then select the Excel Spreadsheet. A separate Excel will open on the top of your word file. You can create a table using the Excel and move it to Word file. Keep in mind that once the table moved from Excel to Word, then you cannot edit graphic created by you. Even you can use the predefined Quick Tables option also if required.

Every organization runs due to MS office. We can’t imagine running an organization without these functions. Imagine how to project our sales growth without a power point presentation or arrive at one with an excel sheet. It is of paramount importance to upgrade to the latest version and be well trained and informed about MS office.