Do You Require A TV License?


You must get a TV license when you watch or download online TV programs on the BBC and other channels. Do you want to record or watch live TV programs telecasted on any TV channel? Then you want to install a TV license. A TV license is a legal consent to use and install TV and other related equipment to watch live programs telecasted on different TV channels including the BBC.

If you want to speak to the professionals working in TV license, then you can call through a charity Dial 2 Donate extension number. A small portion of your call is given to this charity and the money is very useful to the needy people.

Recently, ran an article that explained how people watch online TV programs using legal loopholes without a license. You don’t watch online TV shows without a license and this is illegal. At any time, the TV licensing authority may visit your home and if they caught you watching online shows, then they charge you hefty fine or block your TV.

TV license is must not only to watch live programs using the television, but also while using a tablet, mobile phone, digital box, desktop computer, laptop, or DVD recorder. Before watching TV shows you must understand few things so that you will commit any legal mistakes.

First, you must understand the term live TV. When you download or watch any TV program that is live on the online television service then it is Live TV. It does not only mean news, music, and sports, but also includes any types of programs on the channels like series, documentaries, soaps and also movies. You must ensure that you cover under a TV license to see or record live TV programs.

Sometimes you may want to cancel the TV license because of numerous reasons such as you no longer watch or download online TV programs, moving abroad, the person holding the TV license has expired or shifting to care home, etc. The cancellation policy is not much complex, you just send a refund request to your license operator once in three months such as third, sixth and ninth month every year. The refund form is available in online and you want to get the form filled by the operators and get the refund amount.

Not only households get a TV licence, but even business firms can get a license if required. If any people in your business premises see or record TV programs then you must require a TV licence. Some business premises need TV for customers, staffs or visitors. For a business organization using a single TV license, you can connect several devices to see or download the TV shows.

If your age is 75 or more than 75 years, then you can get a TV license totally free and you don’t need to pay single money. You can share the TV with the other members of your family. To get the free license, you should give your national insurance number or any document proofs for your date of birth.